My Skills & Services

Web Design & Why Standards Matter

I specialize in both the designing and building of handcrafted websites for small to medium sized companies and non-profits. The majority of my clients are in Cincinnati and around the tri-state area, but I'm not limited to Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. See examples of Web Design projects I've worked on in the past.

I take pride in the work I do and build my sites using what are known as web standards. Why do standards matter? Good question. Building a site with standards ensures consistency in different browsers and operating systems. So your website will look the same in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. More importantly these sites will load faster, be more searchable by search engines and more flexible for changes as the website grows. Nifty.

Web Strategy

Web Strategy refers to a long-term plan put in place for a website (or product) to be successful. Web Strategies ask questions like: who's coming to the website and how are business objectives being met, as well as making an analysis of all of the technology involved in making the site operate. Interested in working together? Get in touch and tell me a little about your project.

Skills Overview


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